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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello, first i want to introduce me. I daily drive an Del Sol 1997 manual with an d16y8 engine, bought it when i was 16 and built it. I am from Germany, so sorry if i didn't write or spell everything correct. The Engine is mostly stock, with an other Air Intake, and Exhaust. I did a little...
  2. Engine Building
    Heyy guys back again in my last post i put a d15b1 into my ek jus to find out that it needs pistons rings :bs: good thing i got it for free lol. i just wanna know if i can put my z6 pistons in d15 and use my y8 head ? or should i just put the z6 internals into a y8 block ?
  3. For Sale
    BRAND NEW YCP Vitara Pistons & NPR Rings - SOLD! I have a brand new, unused/uninstalled set of YCP Vitara pistons that I was originally going to use for my D16 but instead changed my plans. I took one piston out of the box and wrapper just to inspect it but everything else including rings are...
1-3 of 3 Results