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  1. Wheels and Tire zone
    I have 16x8 +25 wheels and I'm trying to put them on my EG but I really dont know what size tires I should get. I currently have 13' steelies and about to put in some coilovers to raise the car a bit to fit the wheels. I was reccommended 205/60/16 but they look way to big. Should i go 205/45/16?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Alright... I got my first car and i fell in love with the eg's. i got one and it originally had ls mesh rims and without thinking i bought str 512. they are 15x8 0 offset and 4" lip... They stick out a large amount. They're wrapped with 195/50... my friends said i can make them fit with 165 45...
  3. For Sale
    13 inch honda rims and tires tires are done for sure. road rash one rim is cracked I live in the orange county, ca area if you want to meet up. pm me for number or email
1-3 of 3 Results