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  1. Dsm 450cc Injector and Resistor box HELP!

    Forced Induction
    Ok, I have a 94 Civic hatch with a d15 non vtec that I have just installed a turbo on. I have a set a dsm 450cc injector black top that i bought off craigslist that came with a resistor box. I know for sure that the injectors are 450s but Im not exactly sure if the resistor box is a dsm one or...
  2. Injectors

    Engine Building
    i have a d16z6 in a 1990 Civic Hatch DX. I bought the car with the swap and the injectors dont squirt out fuel. Come to find out two of the wires going to the harness for the injectors arnt connected. THe car has a reisitor box. how do i go about fixing this problem. This is my first build and...
  3. Help with Resistor box

    New Member Introductions
    Ok... i just bought this resistor box from a guy on craigslist for 10 bucks. i think it was a good deal. but the question is how do i connect it to my injectors and ecu?? i read and searched but couldnt find any answers so i decided to register here and see if anyone can help me. so... this...
  4. no power to injectors/reistor box

    General Tech
    jut looking to confirm some things while figuring this out. i wired in ond0 plugs and a resistor box. i was not careful of wires touching during the wiring job and i had not disconnected the battery. after i finished wiring and covered all my solders, i cranked it over fine, fuel pump primed and...
  5. Installing 450 cc injectors

    Engine Building
    I have a doubt, I know that in order to run 450cc injectors I need a resistor box but what else is needed? I already tried to install them with the resistors but the engine won´t start because it´s running too rich, I managed to control the injection enough for the engine to start but as soon as...