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  1. Engine Management
    1. Big *********** Wire to Fuse Box 12V GreenPlug 2. Black and Yellow Ignition Wire 12V Function? 3. White and Blue Voltage Back Up VBU? 12V to ECU and Fusebox? Function? Needed? ECU D1 4. White/Red Alternator FR Charge Signal to D9 ECU 12V? Function? Needed? 5. White and Green ALTC or ALT...
  2. General Tech
    Ya was just wondering, I've stripped my head down and I wanna skim it one night this week, but dunno if im gonna be able to do it with our skimmer at work cuz we have quite a shallow clamp and I think the tubes are gonna get in the way. Ive googled and searched on D-Series about it but cant...
  3. Forced Induction
    OK so I am building this 96 coupe for boost, its OBDII by default. I have an Edelbrock IM on there and am going for a superclean and tucked turbo setup. I will run it OBDII stock injectors/ecu to begin with, then install the OBD-I S300/750cc RCs when it is getting mappped up. Anyway my...
1-3 of 3 Results