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  1. need help with rebuilding d16y8 head

    Engine Building
    I have been looking all over for atleast stage 2 camshafts, dual valve springs and valves but not getting any luck finding anything except for whats on ebay. Does anybody know of some stage 2+ camshaft dual valve springs and valves for decent price. I also plan on turbo charging my y8. When...
  2. UK d15 mini me build

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, i'm in the UK and have a D15Z6 (UKDM Vtec-e, not mini me head swap) and i'm swapping a 3 stage JDM d15b head onto it, and am planning on bumping up the compression ratio and fitting itb's. I've already got a full exhaust system(manifold back) on the engine in my car (ek3) and have bought a...
  3. A6 Rebuild, No response from FJ Distributors

    Engine Building
    I picked up a free D16A6 from a friend and until recently I did not have the money to touch it. I plan on dropping it into my 88 CRX HF. The motor smokes, and I was told it needs new piston rings. I want to overhaul the bottom end and bore it out one size to 75.50mm. About two weeks ago I...