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  1. Engine Building
    I'm building my first vitara engine and I cant find anyone selling the custom length rods 138.63mm. Some background I'm building a d16z6 bottom end with y7 head, and using e85 my goal is 450whp but I'm willing to compromise. So what I've been able to figure out is p2p is out of stock and I cant...
  2. Affiliates
    Can be purchased directly from our website now RCautoworks clutch master kit - RCautoworks Another new product we're adding to our line up. Once again, we use these on every day stock vehicles, all the way up to cars pushing over 800hp, and are using some of the most aggressive clutches out...
  3. Affiliates
    Kits include piping,flanges,hangers, and exhaust clamps. They can be welded solid, or installed with exhaust clamps. Each kit is a slip fit ( does not bottle neck ) if you order a 3 inch catback, the one piece is flared to about 3.125 inches to slip over 3 inch pipe. A muffler or resonator can...
  4. Showcase
    Had the lights off, sun was shining in from our sky way, thought it came out nice. Oil line clearance not an issue with our mini rams
1-4 of 5 Results