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  1. Radio won't work

    Hey guys the title says it all. Radio will not turn on. I replaced it with another radio and still will not turn on. I've checked the fuse under the dash and its fine. The cigarette liter works fine as does the clock above the counsel. I noticed this problem after I replaced my heater core and...
  2. Help! Tach wiring problem

    Hi im new to and i have a problem. I recently wired an aftermarket tachometer into my 93 civic dx and ran into a problem. The tach works fine and reads rpms, but the illumination wire is where im having trouble. i tried running it into the head unit wiring harness, but i stupidly...
  3. Radio for sale...NOT A CD PLAYER! just a radio:)

    For Sale
    Replacement Am/Fm radio for 97 civic HX lx or ex. Works great, volume nob popped off and needs to be glued in, but it stays in and works fine, just a little touchy. Every thing works on the unit, just finally got a cd player in my ride. New its $100, and as this one works and is not all banged...
  4. Strange humming /whining sound

    Ok, So like 5 days ago i started hereing this strange humming /whining sound coming from inside my car. It gets louder the higher i rev my car so i figured maybe it was the radio since i have had this happen before and it was just the radio. Tonight i removed my speakers and un hooked the...