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  1. General Tech
    Okay I know there are probably tons of threads about this but I'm new to the forum and dont want to search forever... So my problem is the Radiator Fan doesn't kick on once car is definitely at/above running temp. I just installed a new Fan Switch on the Thermostat Housing after taking a wire...
  2. DOHC ZC
    Hi , Does anyone knows , where can i find a kit of silicon hoses for d16A9 engine, i found that D16z6,D16Y8 have a good fitment, but..there is a upper radiator hose in d16A9 that is totally different compare with other D16/D15. My car is a Del sol D16A9 , i guess is an SI version por Euro...
  3. General Tech
    Has anyone here had thermostat problems after changing to an aluminum radiator? I've been struggling with this issue for a couple of months. If I'm standing in traffic, it'll work fine will open and engage the fan at right temperatures. If I'm flogging the engine and going really fast, it'll...
  4. Affiliates
    Now is the perfect time to jump on the already low prices Mishimoto offers, use coupon code d-series during check out to receive and extra 10% off. Call us for updated stocking inventory and shipping times 708 599 5884 RCautoworks - Homepage
  5. Engine Building
    Having trouble finding 2 for less than an arm and a leg. I know they don't cost that much to produce, Supply >>>>>> Demand Low Availability is driving price up. So recommend me some sensible places to find 2 of these ! It's for converting between D and 1.25 (B) hose/radiator. Thanks!!!
  6. For Sale
    *SOLD* Aluminum Radiator (3 Rows) with Slimline Fan *SOLD* Sold! Thanks!
  7. General Tech
    i was checking to make sure my radiator fan was working and coming on, so i ran the car and i waited 25 minutes with it idling with the hood open, but my radiator fan never came on ?, then i forgot its probably different since its the winter time and its cold out, so it probably takes...
  8. General Tech
    i found this part in my closet, and to me it seems to be some type of radiator support bracket maybe ? i searched all over google pictures and stuff and still can't find a picture of where it goes on a crx exactly ? can anyone tell me where this part goes ? its #27 in the diagram
  9. 7th Gen
    I have an 05 civic that had an overheating issue, but i blew that motor. Just dropped another d17a2 in it march 2013. It is still having overheating issues. If i drive then it runs fine. When i stop it overheats. Fans arent turning on. If i turn on the ac the fans both run. Replaced thermostat...
  10. Engine Building
    What up, first post on the forums. I recently picked up a 2000 DX with 270K miles off a friend for a grand. Planning on this to be my first project car. I have my plans, but they are getting sidelined due me having to catch up on basic preventative maintenance that had been neglected for a...
  11. General Tech
    I'm looking to purchase a radiator and I keep seeing for Manual only. Is there a difference?
  12. General Tech
    im a noob and my home boy like worships this site so he told me to get on for info now i have a 98 civic d16y8 and its not over heating the fan is working but its pushing water out the overflow i can fill the radiator and overflow and it will push water out when i shut the car off not as much as...
  13. Naturally Aspirated
    Everything started when I did replace my thermostat. My old thermostat rubber seal was bad so It was taking too long before it get warm. So after I replace themostat with a Honda one and notice it was overheating like 100 deg, (use to be around 80-85, Honda thermostat are rated at 78 deg) I went...
  14. General Tech
    Just wondering if it'd be bad to do so, but could I swap out my 1.1 bar radiator cap for a 1.3 -1.35 bar cap without having to swap out for a new radiator? The reason I ask is during spirited driving, my temp gauge goes slightly past the half way mark. Just want to drop the temp a tad and a cap...
1-14 of 14 Results