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  1. Engine Building
    HI, I have a set of BLOX 1300cc Eco-Fi Fuel injectors and I'm curious if these are going to hold up. I've seen other posts on forums and some say BLOX is bad, others say they make good stuff. Just seeing what you guys say about them and whether or not to use them.
  2. Races/Shows/Events
    Have you heard before about D1 Grand Prix in Japan? As you could have guessed easily, it is a racing event for professional drifters (yes, you can actually make legal money out of it.) For those who know about it, names like Daigo Saito and Yuki Matsui might sound familiar. By the way...
  3. Just Racing
    During the last 15 years the Students Drifting Playoff (All Japan Drifting Students Playoff) has become the Super Bowl of drifting for students. Combining the West and East tournaments, there was a total of 200 cars, each one ranked. The best four of the West Tournament visited the East...
  4. For Sale
    *SOLD* Aluminum Radiator (3 Rows) with Slimline Fan *SOLD* Sold! Thanks!
  5. New Member Introductions
    So ive chosen the npr p29 for my d16z6 build, my question is what everything will have to do to my block to make them work with d16z6 head with stage 2 cam, I will b claying for clearance, and I heard that polishing the top of the pistons helps prevent detonation a little is that true? and I...
  6. Races/Shows/Events
    I am going to head down to the drag strip tonight for some runs in the DD. This is my first time, snicker snicker, but I am stoked. Should be a group of us down there, most of my buddies will be in subies and some american v8's but I will hold it down with my D, snicker snicker. Portland...
  7. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for complete tensioner brackets for B or D series. If I go B I also need the lower tensioner and alt stepper pulley. I have b18b1 and d16y8 manifolds so I can go either way.
  8. General Tech
    Hello i own a 98 ex civic and I am putting eibach springs with a 1.5 " drop. Now I have two questions. 1. What size tires do i need with 15" rims so that it doesnt rub. 2.What shocks can i use with these springs (that don't cost 400 damn dollars).
  9. Forced Induction
    updated a few details on 11/23/2009 when i first started learning about forced induction my favorite thing to do was lurk on build threads. so here is mine for the next generation. ive done most everything myself minus machine work on the block. ive also spent some good cash on tools. (if...
1-9 of 10 Results