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  1. Students Drifting Playoff / JAPAN

    Just Racing
    During the last 15 years the Students Drifting Playoff (All Japan Drifting Students Playoff) has become the Super Bowl of drifting for students. Combining the West and East tournaments, there was a total of 200 cars, each one ranked. The best four of the West Tournament visited the East...
  2. D17a2 Full Turbo Build

    Engine Building
    Hey all. Im new here and just wanted to post my current build and maybe get some feedback. To all those who say K-swap.... **** you. Im here to prove a point. My point is to make HP in a D17 Boosted coupe. If you dont like it dont say nothing. If you do ill delete your ****. I dont care about...
  3. RallyCross build advice - V2.0

    Forced Induction
    First off let me preface by saying this is not a street driven car, It’s a race car used exclusively for SCCA RallyCross, essentially an AutoCross on dirt where every run counts for cumulative time. We (myself and co-driver) run in the Modified 2wd class where almost anything goes for...
  4. To Beat a B!

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hello all who are reading! I went to the track with one of my friends the other day. He has an EJ8 coupe, EX, with a B18B1, GSR transmission, aftermarket clutch, short shifter, I/H/E, and way better tires than I have. I have an EJ6 coupe, DX, with a D16Y7. The only mods are Y8 intake and exhaust...
  5. Tulsa Raceway Parks Midnight Drags

    Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Raceway Parks is starting there midnight drags this Saturday April 28 Gates open at 11pm $10 Entrance fee $20 to Race for more info on it check out Welcome Race Fans!
  6. Race Track Driving

    New Member Introductions
    Do any members of d-series drive their d-powered cars on race courses? Not necessarily 1/4mile or 1/8 mile drag strip, but a figure 8 or closed course tracks? I'd like to hear about some member's days at the track running their D-series: I've never tried it, I am considering it. I'd have to...
  7. D series Event-eastcoast

    Races/Shows/Events, whats up? Ive been a memeber for a while but only pop in every so often to when Im not completely taken over by work. Ok, so I love a d series engine. it just makes sense to use this platform to start building up from. Im sick of hearing the BS about D-series engines. I wanted...
  8. Why You Dont Rely On Basemaps, Even "Pro" Ones

    Naturally Aspirated
    I didnt know where to put this...... So I put it here. I thought my car is NA after all, so, why not... Now the back story (Please dont skip it as it has some good stuff and I spent forever typing it up.) So I bought a chip kit a while back which came with a custom EEPROM with a basemap from...