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  1. what would you do?

    Serious discussion/debate
    ok guys. lately i've been going back and forward on what to do with my car. right now i have a built engine that i traded for a couple years ago when i started building my car. the guy i traded with was a local honda guy that was starting a j-series build and wanted it gone. it has eagle rods...
  2. D16Y8 N/A Stock internals build

    Naturally Aspirated
    Before i begin going into the details of my current project i will first tell you what i have already done to the car: Before all mods commenced last year the cat was replaced as it was so full of carbon build up the engine wouldnt run. .. please express your simpathy not remarks :( Then...
  3. Swap question

    Engine Building
    heyy i was just wondering if it is possible and how much work and how hard it would be to swap a f22 series motor in my 1997 honda civic lx sedan.
  4. Do I REALLY need my powersteering cooler??

    General Tech
    So im building the rally car, ongoing project, and the cooler is super rusty, it doesnt look too great and was wondering if I can get away with not running it? It will just make the steering a little heavier right?? Id like to get rid of it to scrub a lil extra weight too. Comment back, rep for...