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  1. Engine Building
    Ok I kinda had this idea and was reading through a few Bone/Beaver/Patt thread today. All wanted to tighten the quench as much as possible. Now I have these lovely OTS Wiseco 8.5: 1 pistons. With this super nice quench pad 'round the outside, and this Z6 head with big holes in the bottom...
  2. Showcase
    Run what ya brung!!! Using my stock y7 and giving it some pep. Current plans atm Y7 Head-* 3 angle valve job Supertech valve springs 272 delta Y8 2 layer head gasket.** Y8 intake manifold King bearings Arp head bolts Block- Stock pistons (debating npr p29's) King bearings rod/main. * * Arp...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, ive been looking through this forum the last week and looking at a lof peoples builds trying to figure out my own. I found a build in peticular that i really like. I am doing my y7 for my 1st build so i have some experience b4 i jump rite into something crazy. So on that note imma...
1-3 of 3 Results