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  1. My First EJ2 Project

    Sooo i scored this beauty off the side of the highway for $175 bucks (long story) She has a blown motor but the body was decent. Right now i have completely gutted it and disassembled the dash to accent it. Sorry EJ2 not EJ1
  2. EJ6 project

    Working on this EJ6 I've had for about a month, so far its only gotten coils, short shifter, wheels painted and custom interior done. Will put up pics as soon as I can but for now the site isn't letting me strangely :online2long: If anyone has advice one why I can't post the pics let me know...
  3. y8/z6 mini me choice

    New Member Introductions
    I plan on doing a mini me swap on my 97 ej6, I got the stock y7 block and am trying to figure out if I should go y8 head or z6. Would appreciate some insight on the differences and opinions. I plan on getting it turbo'd later but thats after I get the rest of the car done. Thanks for the help.
  4. Start of a Project

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, I just recently bought a 97 EK hatch (ej6 I believe) and I plan on making it into my first and ultimate project car. It only has a d16y7 in it and I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what to start with? I know I want to give it a vtec head and to boost it later on, but I...
  5. Need HELP with my project!

    Engine Building
    i am new to the honda world and i bought a 91 ef HB shell for $350. I hav bought a d15b1 and 4speed tranny. and i was wondering wat i would hav to do if i was to put a b7 head on my b1 block. Would there b any gain from it? What ecu would i need? They cut the wiring harness that was in it, so...
  6. N1 Concepts 2012 sneak peek at our project cars

    Not sure where to stick this. It's a video that talks about our project cars which some are drag, some are road race, some are time attack... Uploaded by ghettoracer on Mar 5, 2012 I dropped by work on Sunday expecting to be alone but little did I know someone beat me to it and was working...
  7. Project Tristan

    After several debates about making a build which would be kept privately other than the few close friends that had a sneak peak, I thought I would share this to you guys on here. Mainly had this build thread on a local forum but is a great website with brilliant people. This is a...
  8. Tommy's d16y8 500whp+ build

    Project Car / only car :/ chassis: 96 civic ex engine: d16y8 (i'll be deleting the ps, evap system, cc, and ac) My goal is to have a 500whp dd running around 25+lbs of boost with water/meth injection. I plan to complete the build and break the engine in n/a since I will not have the...
  9. Whats worse than being a Rim whore? Being a CAR WHORE, Sh*t, i just can't help it!!!

    :3dtard: Soooo.... i got another car... 94 Del Sol It's auto... BUT i have EVERYTHING i need to convert it. i'm gonna start on it after i get the hatch down and driveable, just in case it has to sit for a bit... i finally have my own car to drive again, so i'd rather drive an auto then...