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  1. Check engine code 7 OBD0

    General Tech
    hello guys, my car was running fine and suddenly my check engine went on giving me code 7 and 14 (tps and iacv) and the throttle response got weird, like when i tap the gas pedal the revs first go down and then it revs up and because of this its difficult to not stall sometimes. It also idles...
  2. Need help fast :(

    New Member Introductions
    I was driving down the highway when my motor lost compression then the check engine light came on. I slowed down nd my car started shaking violently nd the motor sounds like a fucking boxer motor. When i stoped at the stop light my car stalled nd wouldnt start back up untill i got home nd yet...
  3. Is this normally how the brown and black wires are?

    New Member Introductions
    So I've run into some problems getting an engine to start. It turns over but no go. I realized my check engine light never turns on thought it was weird so I replaced it still doesn't turn on. I can't read codes with no blinky and I can't move the car without towing it. What to do?
  4. D16Y8 Turboed 97 Civic Wont START!

    Forced Induction
    Figured I would make a Thread to see what other people experienced and have found for solutions in my predicament. Heres the Deal: I bought a 97 Honda Civic Ex with the D16Y8 Ran awesome, drove it for a few weeks. No issues. Has aftermarket Viper Alarm (which i'm not a fan of) I pulled in the...
  5. Engine swap done wrong

    General Tech
    ok so ive been using this forum for a while now but i figured it was time to become a active Ill just jump right into it. I bought a 02 civic dx coupe that at the time ( i was 16 so we know how this ends up ) was great! Clean title and low miles what could go wrong! Well the headlights went...
  6. 1996 Honda Civic Hatchback EK

    General Tech
    hey guys, I'm new to this Forum, and this is my first post. I recently bought a 1996 Honda Civic Hatch. Car looks great, but it's got some problems (16 years old). The car has a tough time starting sometimes, in regular temperatures, not too hot, not too cold. Then once it get's started, and is...
  7. Vtec problems

    General Tech
    i have a 96 del Sol si with a D16y8. Im trying to figure out why my vtec won't kick in. Ive cleaned the solenoid gasket, changed my oil, checked my wiring to the best of my ability (not really sure what to look for) and still don't hear of feel vtec kick in. All suggestions are appriciated.
  8. d16a1 to d15b2 i fucked up

    Engine Building
    ok im trying to put a d15b2 into a integra 89 ls(that has d16a1) and im a beginer i need help. i know that is less horse power and i know that its dual point and the d16 is multi port. i got the motor for 100 bucks. can someone help i need to know if i can put my intake man from my integra i...
  9. D15b help!!!

    General Tech
    ok so i swapped my y8 out of my 96 for a d15b engine( my y8 broke down). I ordered my d15b form canada and everythign came ass backwards so i put my y8 harness on the d15b motor. I have been having problems with it running right ever since. List of problems- it cuts in and out everytime i...
  10. How do i Attatch Images to a thread??

    New Member Introductions
    OK im trying to make a build thread and its going massivley unsuccessfully, i want to insert images to the thread like everyone else but its not workin! I click the Insert image link and it comes up with Enter your URL; Where does everyone keep their photos? like what URL do you enter from what...
  11. Uberdata help? Willem SST27SF512 Burning Editing Problems

    Engine Management
    To start out, I have a Willem burner with the Serial and USB ports on the same side. I can successfully Read chips but anytime I try to open the Bins in Uberdata, the data comes up as non-sense. By non-sense, I mean the fuel values for low show up as 16000's all the way across the board and are...