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  1. What's up fam!

    New Member Introductions
    Previous thread never actually posted, so trying again... Hey guys, been browsing the forums for a few days trying to find an answer to my idle issues on my d16y7. I figured I would register an account and come say hi. In case anyone's interested about the idle issue it all started when I...
  2. EJ1 D16Z6 RPM guage problem

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi dudes, i'm from brazil and i have a 94 civic ej1 exs mt d16z6. My car are have a rpm guage problem, at idle the guage shows 700-800rpm, at 60mph show 2000rpm and the cut-off are on 5900-6000 when its suppose to be 7200 rpm what can be the problem? ps: sorry my poor english
  3. MAP questions - d16y8

    Engine Management
    1989 honda ef hatch, swapped in d16y8, turbo, p28,crome, etc.. i have a few problems but for now, "i have a the old style map sensor on the firewall getting vaccum straight for intake manifold. can i wire in a newer style map sensor ???" i have a bigger throttle body with the map sensor port, it...
  4. Swapped trans and now it feels like there is no stabilizer

    Transmission alley
    Okay so I just swapped a tranny in my 91 si hatch and I don't know if I put the linkage on upside down or if I missed something important but I started the car and went to feel the gears and every gear feels like nuetral with how much play is there. This is my first tranny swap and when I got...
  5. Car cranks but doesnt start d15

    General Tech
    i recently did my spark plugs spark plug wires and dizz cap and vavle seals. The car started after i did the work. then i week later when i tried to start it it would crank but wouldnt start. so i checked for spark at the wires thier was none. so i went to check the coil its weak so i went ahead...
  6. Car cranks but doesnt start

    General Tech
    so i have a d15 1995 eg 4door... car ran but i decided to do a tune up.. so i replaced my spark plugs spark wires and dizz capp.. now when i finished putting everything on the car started and ran really smooth..i tried to start it a week later now it doesnt start?? any idea?
  7. 94 Si No running lights. Help please :wacko: :sweatdrop:

    Got an eg Si hatch, runnin lights not workin (the first click when u turn your lights on) i checked the fuses, replaced the bulbs, only reverse, blinkers/hazards n brake lights work, also im not gettin lights on my dash(cluster n AC dash) I also changed the headlight/blinker switch there are...
  8. finding 175/30-13 tires?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    trying to find some tires for my enkei 32's that dont look like monster truck tires, the only ones that i can find are 180 buck per tire or only rated up to 60 miles per hour lol any body have an answer to my problem?
  9. low idle

    General Tech
    I'm quite a noob here and I hope some one can help me with my low idle problem. My idle is always low (around 600rpm w/ ac and 800rpm w/o ac). This started when my friend and I tried to combine a PH15 carb block and a ported/polished D16A VTEC head from Japan. We already advanced the distributor...
  10. Please Help. Bad idle?

    Engine Management
    Ok so this is my third post for this car. (D16Z6 - ARP head studs, ARP rod studs, vitara 75mm pistons, FJ R Spec custom length rods, ACL race main and rod bearings, FelPro full engine gasket set, T3/T4 turbo, DSM 450cc injectors, chipped P28 ECU) When I built the car and did the first start, It...
  11. Jdm d15b vtec solenoid wire up in ek need help

    Engine Building
    i just recently like on oct28th installed a jdm d15b vtec in my 96 ek coupe now i need to wire up the vtec solenoid but it doesnt have the pressure switch and some people say the jdm d15 doesnt have a pressure switch but if thats true what would i have to do to wire up the one wire swich ?
  12. D16z6 Overheating problem

    General Tech
    let me start by saying I have a d16z6 which consist of a y7 block(70k) and a z6 head(60K), the motor has new pistons(Z6), rings and bearings about 5k ago The motor runs at operating temperature all day on the flat land no problem going easy, but once I start up hill or start to get a heavy...
  13. Need quick help with the 'Charcoal Cannister' REALLY UNSURE

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys the problem goes like this, Been building a Rally car for a while now, EG Shell with N/A D16Z6 (standard engine) , ive pulled all the brake and fuel lines out to relay them inside the car for obvious reasons. I know what to do with it all part from the fuel line/breather that attatches...
  14. Epic Fail at the dyno today. 123whp 142wtq @ 14psi.....WTF?!?!

    Forced Induction
    Epic Fail at the dyno today. 123whp 142wtq @ 14psi.....WTF?!?! - Update 6/27 w/ video this is a really long post, but please bear with me... i haven't spent much time over here at d-series (although i plan to start coming here more often) so a lot of you aren't familiar with me or my setup...