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  1. DOHC ZC
    Hello Everyone. I´m Axel From Argentina.. I have an Honda Civic SI 1993 with D16A9 ( japaniece version ) Please, can anyone tell me the values to check the oil pressure??. the car runs perfect but I will make all services with original parts including water pump. I afraid to replace the...
  2. Engine Management
    How to setup proper OIL and FUEL pressure control in AEMTuner / AEM Series 2 EMS This guide was made originally by [email protected] and was intended to help you to setup the oil/fuel pressure control, specifying the minimum pressure allowed for each rpm.. as a safety function. For this to work...
  3. Engine Building
    Hey, If I use a 10 AN 30 Row Oil Cooler on my D16Z6 with an ATI Damper can there be too much strain on the pump? I plan on using a sandwich plate and putting the radiator where the AC compressor used to go. The pump is ported and smoothed. Do you know anyone who busted a rotor? Thanks
  4. Engine Building
    recently got a civic that I am planning on doing an a6 cam and an after market intake on. its a bone stock 1993 dx with air intake and exhaust. d15b7 after an oil change i finally drove it. It has a ticking sound like it needs valves adjusted. Before i do a bunch to it i want to find out...
  5. General Tech
    Just wondering if it'd be bad to do so, but could I swap out my 1.1 bar radiator cap for a 1.3 -1.35 bar cap without having to swap out for a new radiator? The reason I ask is during spirited driving, my temp gauge goes slightly past the half way mark. Just want to drop the temp a tad and a cap...
  6. Suspension Corner
    A short guide to tire pressure people have been spreading alot of misconceptions about tires and tire pressure lately and asking me is my why i pump my tires up well above manufacturers spec. there are lots of reasons. i change my tire pressure regularly depending on the situation or driving i'm...
1-6 of 6 Results