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  1. D16z6 Dyno power loss and CEL 10

    Engine Management
    Hello everyone, I have done my rebuild of the d16z6 engine that sits in my civic wagon. I did the proper break-in period. But, what I thought is that I had CEL1 code of o2 sensor, and that my tuner will just turn that off. I got to the dyno yesterday, did the pulls, and the car would just...
  2. Building a 2000 civic ex

    Naturally Aspirated
    Bought my first civic...2000 ex. I’ve owned strictly muscle cars in the past and I’ve built some fast mustangs. Now I’m on the import scene... do these cars make more power with simple bolt ons like a mustang? I could put full exhaust, new heads, a more aggressive cam and a bigger intake on a...
  3. DOHC ZC Power loss at high rpm

    Hey everyone, finally decided to join. I've been looking info up on this site for a long, long time. My time has come to ask a question about my 89 OBD0 DOHC ZC. My problem comes at high rpm usually 2nd or 3rd gear. It doesn't make a difference if it's cold or at operating temp. But doesn't...
  4. I need advice I am a newbie at building please read an feedback please and thank you

    Engine Building
    Hey folks how is it going? ok heres my problem that I need help with I just bought a 1996 Honda civic ex Non V tec that only has a Cx racing turbo pushing 7 psi and along with it it has fuel injecter upgrades and a S300 Ecu my question is what should I also buy to go along with the car to...
  5. D16Y8 mid RPM power loss

    General Tech
    Hello D-series, I'm having this issue with my car. D16Y8 Stock P28, around 50k oem miles. Issue: When accelerating, as I hit around 4krpm it becomes sluggish and struggles to hit rev limiter. When going uphill, instead of going 50 in 5th gear as I used to untill recently, now I have to use 4th...
  6. Need help with this one plug

    can anyone tell me where this plug goes... there was wires cut up by the firewall. i know it has to be part of the main harness. i want to just hardwire it where it needs to go with solder and heat shrink. its a 9 pin connector and has the wires from the door jamb switches. I want to get it...
  7. Voltage meter help. 97 Civic EX

    General Tech
    Just need a little info. My voltage meter is usually around 14, but every once in a while it will drop down between 12-13 and stay there for a few mins. Then if I let the rpms get high it will go back up until I let off the gas. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem, if there is a...
  8. D16Y8 N/A Max Power?

    Engine Building
    I've got a 97 EX D16Y8 w/ S40 tranny that I am thinking of doing a n/a build on. I'm looking for feedback on someone who has already done one and their personal opinions. Don't tell me to go B, no originality. Thanks
  9. What kind of power could that make???

    Naturally Aspirated
    I have a D16Z6, and I wanted to ask you guys what kind of power i'd be able to get from that setup: Z6 Head and Block. Zex 59300cam P29 Pistons (oversize) New valvetrain (plus a 3 angle valve job) P&P of head I/h/e Skunk2 Intake manifold Lightened flywheel (Most probably fidenza) Plus a Good...