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  1. General Tech
    Hey I'm new to forums and asking questions but I was confused. I have a 98 Civic Hatchback CX that I'm going to start building soon but I wanted to install power steering on it. Now, I know how many of you will start talking about how it's not necessary and how I'll remove it in the future...
  2. For Sale
    Rear seats. Gray. Good condition. $250 obo. Local pick up in Dayton Ohio or you pay actual shipping Power steering fluid reservoir $35 obo. Free shipping to continental US Power steering rack for REBUILD/PARTS ONLY. bad passenger side inner tie rod. hydraulics work. Lower fluid line nut...
  3. General Tech
    Pretty self-explanatory title. Couldn't find a drain plug or anything any ideas?:thinking: Thanks!
  4. Suspension Corner
    hey guys gotta question. will a 1998 steering rack work on a 93 civic? mine has a gear binding up and makes my car wanna shoot off the road sometimes. but the only ones i can find seem to be to 98's that exact year.
  5. General Tech
    I have a 00 civic w/ y8. every time i turn the wheel the pump like locks up almost to a complete stop and the belt squeels. should i just replace the pump, loop the power steering, or do i just have another problem besides the pump it self?
1-5 of 5 Results