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  1. d16y7 all motor budget build

    Naturally Aspirated
    i am currently in the process of building my d16y7. i am on a budget so i am not going to crazy. my build -pm6's .50 over -y8 head -y8 intake - header i am not 100% sure what im doing with the head because i bought the y8 but i am considering putting my y7 rocker on it. ive done some...
  2. Rebuilding my y8...want more cr

    Engine Building
    was wondering what kind of rods would i need to use for pm6 pistons in a d16y8 engine, plan on using a 2 layer head gasket. will i have valve clearance issues? would it be better to use a y7 block? will i need to tune for 11:1 compression? tried searching but all i could find was mini-me...
  3. Smog Concerns: which pistons, PM6 or PG6?

    Engine Building
    I'm building a D16Y8, presently stocking up on parts. I've come to the point where I have to decide on pistons. From the tons of research I've done on this forum/google it's PM6 or PG6 pistons. Nobody I’ve read about has my situation thus far, so I'm guessing PM6 pistons will be the way to go to...
  4. What you guys think about this setup?

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    d16z6 pm6 pistons ported head milled 0.02" zex 59300 cam skunk2 intake with 60 mm thb 9.4 lbs flywheel cai jcb 4-2-1 headers 2,25" catback no cat Xtd stage 1 clutch 1,3 dxi gearbox ( got 4,4 FD ) street tuned p28 with crome give me some feedback
  5. Just Married/Moved selling stuff sale!!

    For Sale
    HI all!! It's been some time since I bounce into the forum. I got married, and now I had to move my stash of D-series parts so there up for grabs! Prices are shipped or local pickup. Check my stats I've been a member for years and never had a dissatisfied customer! To keep the thread nice and...