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  1. Engine Building
    I don't have an impact, or a 14mm allen wrench, so i'm using a 14mm bolt with a couple nuts to act as a driver.. mixed success, but eventually i will be able to deliver torque to these plugs. before I do something stupid, can someone enlighten me as to the expected breakaway torque to bust these...
  2. Audio/Electronics
    can anyone tell me where this plug goes... there was wires cut up by the firewall. i know it has to be part of the main harness. i want to just hardwire it where it needs to go with solder and heat shrink. its a 9 pin connector and has the wires from the door jamb switches. I want to get it...
  3. Want to Buy
    doing an auto-manual conversion on my 96 civic so i need to switch the 3-wire auto iacv plug off the harness for a 2-wire 5spd iacv plug. it has to fit the iacv for a y8 manifold. ive looked in all local (and even some non-local) salvage yards but everyone seems to be cutting harnesses off...
  4. General Tech
    Ya was just wondering, I've stripped my head down and I wanna skim it one night this week, but dunno if im gonna be able to do it with our skimmer at work cuz we have quite a shallow clamp and I think the tubes are gonna get in the way. Ive googled and searched on D-Series about it but cant...
  5. General Tech
    ok so i stole a 2 wire from a vtec solenoid. then i had a "iacv 2 wire plug" sent to me. well they look exactly the same. and when i tried the green one [vtec] on my iacv it didnt fit. so will this other one fit
1-5 of 5 Results