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  1. how do i clean out oil passageways in p2j head?

    Engine Building
    I don't have an impact, or a 14mm allen wrench, so i'm using a 14mm bolt with a couple nuts to act as a driver.. mixed success, but eventually i will be able to deliver torque to these plugs. before I do something stupid, can someone enlighten me as to the expected breakaway torque to bust these...
  2. Need help with this one plug

    can anyone tell me where this plug goes... there was wires cut up by the firewall. i know it has to be part of the main harness. i want to just hardwire it where it needs to go with solder and heat shrink. its a 9 pin connector and has the wires from the door jamb switches. I want to get it...
  3. WTB iacv plug (2 wire)

    Want to Buy
    doing an auto-manual conversion on my 96 civic so i need to switch the 3-wire auto iacv plug off the harness for a 2-wire 5spd iacv plug. it has to fit the iacv for a y8 manifold. ive looked in all local (and even some non-local) salvage yards but everyone seems to be cutting harnesses off...
  4. Can you remove spark plug tubes from a Z6 head?

    General Tech
    Ya was just wondering, I've stripped my head down and I wanna skim it one night this week, but dunno if im gonna be able to do it with our skimmer at work cuz we have quite a shallow clamp and I think the tubes are gonna get in the way. Ive googled and searched on D-Series about it but cant...
  5. Iacv Plug Questions With Pics

    General Tech
    ok so i stole a 2 wire from a vtec solenoid. then i had a "iacv 2 wire plug" sent to me. well they look exactly the same. and when i tried the green one [vtec] on my iacv it didnt fit. so will this other one fit