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  1. Engine Building
    Im looking on building my motor this winter and this website has some nice prices and shipping on everything, has anyone used this website before?
  2. Engine Building
    I've looked at a lot of different threads, and I still cannot find a define answer on if a D15 pistons will fit the rods of a D16 and what will happen if they go into a D16Y7 block. Anyone done this before?
  3. Engine Building
    Hey guys, maybe I missed somethin but I just noticed this a6 block I picked up has two different sets of pistons. I'll have to get hone and check the stamps, but 1&4 are one type, and 2&3 are another. This isn't stock, right? And what can I expect when I put this thing together in terms of...
  4. Engine Building
    what up honda heads i got a 91 hatch i pulled the nasty d15b2 out and bought a d16a6 block with a y8 vtec head. leave it to a craigslister to screw me i found out later it had spun a bearing. My hatch was my first car and no way i was giving up on my baby haha, so now im in the middle of a full...
  5. Engine Building
    Kinda want to do a mild comp build possibly upgrade pistons cam and valve springs. But I am doing a ton of research trying to find out what is interchangable and what isnt with these motors. Because these are slightly different than other D series. Because of the 137 mm rods just like the d16...
  6. For Sale
    BRAND NEW YCP Vitara Pistons & NPR Rings - SOLD! I have a brand new, unused/uninstalled set of YCP Vitara pistons that I was originally going to use for my D16 but instead changed my plans. I took one piston out of the box and wrapper just to inspect it but everything else including rings are...
  7. For Sale
    i have 75mm wiseco forged pistons, eagle rods and acl race bearings for sale. all have never been used, but taken to a machine shop and balanced out. they are listed on ebay so they can be shipped to you: D16y7 D16y8 D16z6 Wiseco 75mm Pistons Eagle Forged Rods And Acl Race Bearings | eBay...
  8. Engine Building
    Anyone ever come across 76mm PG6's? If so, who knows where I could buy some? Thanks
  9. Engine Building
    hey everyone. i'm rebuilding my d16y7 from a 1998 civic cx hatch. so far what i have done is taken the cylinder head off and basically i set out to do a mini me swap, with a rebuilt head however. i figured since i made it this far, i may as well check the short block out and this is where i'm...
  10. Forced Induction
    I have done a lot of looking around and can't find a good answer...I am boosting a stock d16y8. 60 trim Precision turbo, changing the pistons and rods, going to be tuned with neptune/demon/RTP. I'm not looking to make a monster, it's going to be my DD. I was just wondering how much psi is...
  11. Engine Building
    Hey guys I am building my d16z6 turbo del sol and want to do it right, the motor setup I'm running ATM is a d16z6 with a zc head with arp head studs already.... My goal is to safely run 15lbs all day with the option to go to 20lbs if I want.... My plan is to get the motor bored 10 over to...
  12. Forced Induction
    Hi. I want to build turbo on d15b7. I want to get a сompression ratio about 7.8:1. Head and cylinder block is stock. Can you recommend forged piston under this configuration?
  13. Forced Induction
    I am building my first z6 motor for turbo. I am looking for 400 hp. As of now I only have a sleeved block with 76mm bore. I also have a low milege stock head. My first task is to get the correct pistons and rods. I was thinking of getting vitaras (76mm) pistons. What rings would I use. Also...
  14. Naturally Aspirated
    I'm new to this site so I don't know if it's been asked but Is there any way you can put dohc zc pistons into a D16y7 block? If anybody has a clue or has done this please let me know.Thanks.
  15. Engine Building
    I am rebuilding my d16y8 for boost this summer and as always I will only be putting the best in my engine. Neglecting cost, what would be the best forged piston/rod combination in your opinion?
  16. General Tech
    I have a 1995 Honda del sol with a turbocharged d16z6 motor that i have had as a project car for the past few years. In high school at a post secondary school i rebuilt the the entire bottom end. Bore 40 over, New pistons, Rods, just about everything for the bottom end. 3 angle valve job on the...
  17. Engine Building
    hi guys well it seems pretty clear to me that an D's under 1500cc are pretty rare round the US. but they're very common on this side of the atlantic so i wanna find more info on them, see if any parts could be useful? the reason i'm asking is i've heard pistons are unique and could be used for...
  18. Forced Induction
    Hi!! I thinking about to put now a high comp pistons,arp rods and rings, ferrea springs and others little mods. Little tune and new time (more money) put a T25 at no more than 10psi. Is possible?? I can break my d16? I have a DOHC ZC (D16A9). Because vitara ycp are cheaper than high comp...
1-20 of 20 Results