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  1. Engine Building
    Hi all, first post here I've tried looking around but couldn't find what I was looking for. Next week I'm tearing apart my D16Z6 from my Del Sol to turn it into an N/A high compression build. I got some DNJ P29 pistons and rings, but my question is: How do I install them? I know that I take out...
  2. Engine Building
    Hey guys I have a ef civic with a jdm d15b vtec in it. I'm planning on rebuilding the engine and possibly replacing the rods+pistons with a stronger set if I turbo it. I have found a a lot of threads discussing external parts with part numbers but I have not found a thread discussing the...
  3. Engine Building
    Heyy guys back again in my last post i put a d15b1 into my ek jus to find out that it needs pistons rings :bs: good thing i got it for free lol. i just wanna know if i can put my z6 pistons in d15 and use my y8 head ? or should i just put the z6 internals into a y8 block ?
  4. Engine Building
    Hi members. I got myself a old OEM Vitara piston to measure etc for my build. So I had a closer look. Crack is on both sides on the side where the gauging pin is closer to the skirt. Same with another OEM piston from another Suzuki engine. They came out of standard Suzuki engines. The OEM...
  5. Engine Building
    I am getting Exospeed to sleeve my D16Y8 with Darton MID sleeves and I supplied some 75mm standard YCP Vitara pistons. I was wondering if I should have gone 75.5mm with the pistons. How much of a difference in power/torque would it be, if anybody knows? Would it make that much of a difference in...
  6. Engine Building
    I am rebuilding my d16y8 for boost this summer and as always I will only be putting the best in my engine. Neglecting cost, what would be the best forged piston/rod combination in your opinion?
  7. Engine Building
    i found a set of vitara pistons with all rings with eagle connecting rods..its off ebay...heres the discription NIPPON RACING VITARA G16K TURBO PISTONS EAGLE FORGED 5394 H-BEAM CONNECTING RODS WITH ARP 2000 BOLTS NPR GAS NITRITE N-51 TREATED PERFORMANCE RINGS. 9310 CASE HARDENED WRIST PINS...
1-7 of 7 Results