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piston rings
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  1. For Sale
    I have brand new in box npr p29 pistons with rings. The rods that I have will not work with these pistons they are std bore 75mm and have never been installed or run. asking for $85 this is what I have in them and would like to put the money back to buy a different set of pistons. You can...
  2. Engine Building
    as the title says, my civics giving me problems. Again. and yes, I've already done mass amounts of research, checked my pcv valve and any fuel lines for clogging but I have yet to come across ANYTHING that will help me out with this problem. To describe it a general way my car has lost almost...
  3. Engine Building
    jdmd15b non vtec rebuild ???? i bought my crx (betty white)...about 6 mounths ago from a friend who knew nothing about hondas...i wrecked my brains trynna find out what kinda motor it was what with a d15b stamped on the block and pm3-8 head....did some research and someone said they had the...
1-3 of 3 Results