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  1. Engine Building
    question is, I cant really resurface the block even bare minimum because if I do my pistons(pg6) will sit lil bit above deck height?? am I wrong?? and another question is when poring the oil pump can I use my old one or is that not recommended my block has about 230k miles . and what will I...
  2. Engine Building
    Hi d series lovers, this my first post, ill b making abuild thread soon but I do have somequestions before I finish my build , here is the list of all parts I already have in my possession Head: d16z6 head Ported and Polished 3 angle valve job supertech valves std size supertech valve guides...
  3. Engine Building
    Anyone ever come across 76mm PG6's? If so, who knows where I could buy some? Thanks
  4. Engine Building
    I'm building a D16Y8, presently stocking up on parts. I've come to the point where I have to decide on pistons. From the tons of research I've done on this forum/google it's PM6 or PG6 pistons. Nobody I’ve read about has my situation thus far, so I'm guessing PM6 pistons will be the way to go to...
  5. Engine Building
    this may seem like a stupid noob question but these rods are different from the a6 and z6 rod those two are identical, but these pg6 rods are way beefier then the others and are noticably heavier. if the are indeed the same demensions as the other d16 rods then they seem like they will be a much...
1-5 of 5 Results