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  1. General Tech
    Trying to gather a list of shops in my area and your opinion on them. Posting should include shop name, contact number, your exp. with them and specialty. Such as performance, paint, tire, or tuning. I am looking more directly for Knoxville, TN shops. KNOXVILLE, TN...
  2. General Tech
    hey guys, I'm new to this Forum, and this is my first post. I recently bought a 1996 Honda Civic Hatch. Car looks great, but it's got some problems (16 years old). The car has a tough time starting sometimes, in regular temperatures, not too hot, not too cold. Then once it get's started, and is...
  3. Suspension Corner
    Last summer I installed my new suspension but never got around to posting the pics on here. For those who were holding their breath here you go:
  4. 7th Gen
    I wanna know if u can get 200 whp out of a d17a2 with only $1500 bucks????( start out stock)
1-4 of 5 Results