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  1. Can't find diagram of whole crx suspension system ?

    General Tech
    after searching all over, i can't find a picture of a diagram of the whole crx suspension system, all attached together, showing the subframes and front crossmember along with the front and rear suspension parts attached to them ? showing it how its all attached together on the car, but...
  2. need help figuring out where this part goes?

    General Tech
    i found this part in my closet, and to me it seems to be some type of radiator support bracket maybe ? i searched all over google pictures and stuff and still can't find a picture of where it goes on a crx exactly ? can anyone tell me where this part goes ? its #27 in the diagram
  3. Misc. EF/ED parts for sale

    For Sale
    I have all kinds of stuff laying around taking up space. So I decided it has to go and berfore it hits Ebay I figured I would give it a chance on here. All prices include shipping. I also will combine items and offer discounts on mutiple items purchased. I just need to get some of this stuff...
  4. D series and EF and other honda parts for sale!!!

    Engine Building
    first off, im am BRAND new to this forum and i dont exactly know were to put this thread so if the mods or admins think it should be moved feel free !!! anyways. i just took a trip in my CRX and picked up a LOAD of parts. im talking 5 crates of stuff and interior pieces. the works. ill be...
  5. Noob question

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I am new to all this engine rebuild and mod talk but I own a 2002 Honda S2000 which i keep in the Garage and baby for the future investment of owning it with 90k on it. I drive my 1996 Honda Civic LX sedan automatic with 172k daily and would like to know, what could i do to make...
  6. B16 parts in a d15b

    Engine Building
    :screwy:I was wondering if you could use d16 rods and crank in a d15 block I know that the rods are the same length and the crank has very similar shape. Let me know what you guys think.
  7. Wher can i get the best performance parts?

    Engine Building
    Ok i'm just about done pullin all the useless crap off the engine that i'm not gonna use. It's about time i start lookin for some serious performance parts. I'm lookin for parts that gonna kick out some serious horsepower. So if you know any good places on where i can get them let me know.
  8. Need 96-00 civic manual transmission

    Transmission alley
    I am doing an auto-manual conversion this summer along with my build. I've been looking for a parts car but I cant find a d16y8 ex 5 speed. I need all the links, cylinders, pedals, etc. for a conversion. If anyone has a car theyre stripping or knows where I could find this transmisssion and...
  9. Auto to Manual Swap

    Transmission alley
    Hey first off if I'm not supposed to be asking for parts on here or anything please don't be mad I wont do it again but I really don't know the rules im still new :pinch: Anyway! I have an OBD2 d16y7 that I wanna swap to OBD1 Manual and I need parts. I have been trying to get ahold of a good...
  10. My d16y8 turbo build parts list

    Forced Induction
    This summer I will be rebuilding my d16y8 (in a 96 civic ex)for boost; lets say 18psi. I have put together a parts list (in no particular order) of everything I could think of off the top of my head. I'm looking to only put the best of quality inside my engine so lets ignore cost. I would...
  11. FS: D-Series Part-Out.

    For Sale
    *Listed on a few forums, So.. I may forget to mark some things as sold.. All prices in CAD, and Do not include shipping, But a deal will be worked out for a buyer who wants more than one thing. Here's a bit of a price list.. Prices are negotiable to a certain extent. Don't be afraid to offer...
  12. Red 95 EX coupe part out!

    For Sale
    95 ex part out. *UPDATED PRICES* 95 ex coupe complete interior and motor+trans. interior is in great tears or stains. the only thing in the interior not for sale is the dash (broke it in several places trying to take out) but have everything else that goes in it. i.e. vents...
  13. *NEW* For Sale Thread (Updated Frequently)

    For Sale
    This is my NEW FOR SALE thread because my old one is way too cluttered with "BUMP" posts and old pictures of parts that i no longer own. I'm kinda tired of still recieving PM about the Sparco seat which was sold 8 months ago, which is my fault for not cleaning up my thread. HERE IS THE NEW LIST...