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  1. General Tech
    Trying to gather a list of shops in my area and your opinion on them. Posting should include shop name, contact number, your exp. with them and specialty. Such as performance, paint, tire, or tuning. I am looking more directly for Knoxville, TN shops. KNOXVILLE, TN...
  2. Showcase
    Welp, here it is. A build thread. Figured since I'm doing some major updates to my car in the next month that I should start one. Anyway, my car is a 1990 ED6. Standard model. Hatchback. Red. History time. A long time ago. Somebody owned this car, and the d15 decided it didn't want to run...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey D-Serie-ers lol So I really need help finding new parts for my 4 door, I recently,not really like, last october got into a fender bender that messed up my hood and my radiator support. From then till now my front bumper has been beaten on by idiots who cant park correctly and today yes...
  4. DIY Forum
    I'm not sure how high the demand is for this but I know it caught my eye and may interest a few other people here as well. D.I.Y. custom painted interior. DIY #2: black interior - - Honda Civic Forum
  5. DIY Forum
    Taken from HCW forum. • View topic - How To: DIY Wrinkle Paint In Colors Other Than Black Brilliant idea
  6. General Tech
    I have been looking everywhere for a spray can or two of the 92-95 Honda Harvard blue paint. ( amazon, ebay, ect.. ) I can't seem to find it anywhere. I need it to fix up the rust on my rear wheel wells. Yes I am using bondo, Shush. I don't have the cut and weld option. I didn't know where else...
  7. Audio/Electronics
    Hey guys, just want to get some opinions on a few things. I want to spice up my interior a bit (ie paint) I was thinking of painting the air vents, door handles, the little pockets on the door arm rests, and anything else i can paint. What colours do you think would look good, and what kind of...
  8. New Member Introductions
    So as a Noob.... I have a Noob question... I want to clean up my engine and paint the Valve cover... Any pointers? Maybe pics for inspiration? Thanks ahead of time...
1-8 of 8 Results