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  1. Engine Building
    I'm building my first vitara engine and I cant find anyone selling the custom length rods 138.63mm. Some background I'm building a d16z6 bottom end with y7 head, and using e85 my goal is 450whp but I'm willing to compromise. So what I've been able to figure out is p2p is out of stock and I cant...
  2. Engine Management
    i have a 99 civic ex with the y8 of course, but its an a/t wah wah.. my problem is, my iacv was not working period (new iacv, and ran new wires from ecu) the car ran for a bit until someone stepped on the ecu while it was on the floor and broke the second ground from the d plug. after that, no...
  3. Engine Building
    hey everyone. i'm rebuilding my d16y7 from a 1998 civic cx hatch. so far what i have done is taken the cylinder head off and basically i set out to do a mini me swap, with a rebuilt head however. i figured since i made it this far, i may as well check the short block out and this is where i'm...
  4. General Tech
    i have to go for my emission test rather soon. so i went to auto zone to check my mil light that came up a while back got a code for nonfunctional oxygen sensor heater circuit/sensor. 1997 civic ex d16y8 5mt P2P (ecu, obd2a) wanted to see if anyone has pinouts for p2p ecu. everything i found so...
  5. Naturally Aspirated
    Sorry to repeat a beat to death subject, but I am a noob to swaps and I just want to make sure I can have this done with little problems. Background: I just blew my d16y7 in my '99 sedan. So, I want to upgrade to the Vi's d15b 3-stage vtec engine since I can get one with low mileage and it...
  6. New Member Introductions
    So my 96 Del Sol SI with D16Y8 engine should have the P2P ECU. Then I noticed the label and it says P28. Getting curious, I took the cover off and saw this. This looks like a P2P ECU. But then I saw the marked area and it looks like a Integra ECU. Can anybody confirm what ECU I have? Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results