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  1. Engine Management
    Here's some pics of jdm parts and pinouts. Lets not get into discusions in here just all the pictures, videos, pin locations and info as possible. Lets write the damn book on these lol.!!! within the next few months i will be aquiring a d15b with full wire harness and ecu. The whole wire...
  2. General Tech
    ok, so i've checked everything and rechecked, and i cannot find the issue causing my car to throw the IACV and Knock Sensor code, as well as falling into limp mode. i've taken my ecu apart, P2J-003, and decided i need to find some damage. i traced the IACV clip on plug A to RM1 on the ecu. is...
  3. Naturally Aspirated
    ok so i have a 3stage vtec D15B with the right p2j-003 ecu. i've been having major issues with my idle and i want it resolved....and low and behold clubcivic and H-T cant help, so i'm finally deciding that the home of D is the solution. :D the iacv wire has been moved to a12 and the orange...
1-3 of 3 Results