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  1. Engine Management
    I'm nearly finished with the mini me swap for my 99 dx auto sedan and was wondering if running the p2e ecu for a little while will hurt anything aside from not having vtec. Should I run the y7 injectors til I get the new ecu?
  2. Engine Building
    hey everyone. i'm rebuilding my d16y7 from a 1998 civic cx hatch. so far what i have done is taken the cylinder head off and basically i set out to do a mini me swap, with a rebuilt head however. i figured since i made it this far, i may as well check the short block out and this is where i'm...
  3. Engine Management
    ok i have a completely new(remachined and all new gaskets and pistons everything new) jdm d15b vtec but its hard as hell to find the po8 ecu in my town but its in a ek coupe so i would need a p28 ecu wich is hella expensive so can you chip the p2e ecu to be p2p or p28 if so i would like to know...
1-3 of 3 Results