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  1. Compression Ratio, Rod lenght, S/R JDM minime

    General Tech
    Hi guys, I hope you can help me with my question. I have a D15B engine, what I would call a JDM minime. The block is a non-VTEC D15B obd2 pistons are P2C pistons. The Head is a D15B 3-stage I am trying to find out what the CR is on my engine with this combination but the compression...
  2. d15 vtec wiring & CEL helpppp

    Engine Management
    I just recently bought a 5 speed 1998 honda civic, and i came apon a problem...the check engine light is on and she is drinking gas likee a dumptruck! So taking a closer look i realised the engine dosent match the ECU (non vtec ecu) (vtec head) So my vtec solenoid and oil pressure sensor is...