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  1. b7/z6 mini me p29 pistons

    General Tech
    hey i know “the search is your friend” and i’ve been searching all over here, honda-tech, and everywhere else. i made an account just to ask this. doing a d15b7/d16z6 mini me, y8 cam gear and head gasket, stock p28 ecu. i’m considering p29 pistons, but i have no idea if that would work on stock...
  2. npr p29

    New Member Introductions
    So ive chosen the npr p29 for my d16z6 build, my question is what everything will have to do to my block to make them work with d16z6 head with stage 2 cam, I will b claying for clearance, and I heard that polishing the top of the pistons helps prevent detonation a little is that true? and I...
  3. Fully built d16z6, piston choise help.

    Engine Building
    Hi d series lovers, this my first post, ill b making abuild thread soon but I do have somequestions before I finish my build , here is the list of all parts I already have in my possession Head: d16z6 head Ported and Polished 3 angle valve job supertech valves std size supertech valve guides...
  4. D16z6 with p29 pistons timing

    Engine Building
    Hey guys First I would like to thank in advance all of you that will reply and help without Stupid negative comments please ;) And IF I AM NOT IN THE GOOD SPOT RIGHT NOW ...SORRY I AM NEW AND PLEASE politly just redirect me for the next time Thank you ...
  5. B7 p29 mini me

    Engine Building
    I had a full d15b7 and spun a rod bearing. Sent crank to get turned and polished. Bought all new gaskets, z6 head, p28 ECU and ready to go. I'll get the crank back from the machine shop this week and will be ready for assembly. Using stock b7 rods with p29 pistons in my b7 block with z6...
  6. D16Z6 First VTEC car

    Engine Building
    whats up, this is my first post, i picked up a 93 Civic EX Coupe for $375 bucks...its got 230,000 miles on it, and i need a throw out bearing but i think im gonna rebuild the bottom end....keep the stock cam and head im thinking P29s or A1 Pistons...ill run 91 octane that doesnt bother me..but...
  7. Does p29 mess with main bearings?

    Engine Building
    building a z6 block with p29 but now my main bearings dont match up. i bought OEM main bearings and i did match them the color their supposed to be. so is the wrist pin higher or lower on the rod? will that mess with the main bearing clearance?