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  1. P28 cel on, P08 cel off wtf?!?!

    General Tech
    ok guys so i have a jdm d15b and i recently bought the P08 ecu and before i changed it i had the P28, now i did have the cel on before i changed it but it was a code 6 (ect sensor) but i changed the sensor and the computer at the same time so when i turned the car on the light was gone.... that...
  2. WTB obd0 to obd1 conversion harness

    Want to Buy
    Hello all, I'm in need of an obd0 to obd1 conversion harness for my Wagovan so I can get tuning this sucker. Thanks!
  3. Stock D16 build

    Engine Building
    So I got a block from the junkyard (D16Z6 from '94 with 300k on it). I already have a rebuilt D16Z6 head layin around. This is my engine build. Here's the block when I got it with the oil pan off:
  4. Chipped / Socketed ECU Sale P72 P30 P28 P06 Vtec

    For Sale
    I've got eight ECU's here that have been chipped and socketed and are ready to be tuned. All ECU's come socketed and include a reflashable chip and a datalogging connector installed for use with a HULOG/Extreme HULOG They come with standard basemaps or I can provide custom basemaps...
  5. Just Married/Moved selling stuff sale!!

    For Sale
    HI all!! It's been some time since I bounce into the forum. I got married, and now I had to move my stash of D-series parts so there up for grabs! Prices are shipped or local pickup. Check my stats I've been a member for years and never had a dissatisfied customer! To keep the thread nice and...
  6. OBD2a ECU Identification

    New Member Introductions
    So my 96 Del Sol SI with D16Y8 engine should have the P2P ECU. Then I noticed the label and it says P28. Getting curious, I took the cover off and saw this. This looks like a P2P ECU. But then I saw the marked area and it looks like a Integra ECU. Can anybody confirm what ECU I have? Thanks
  7. D15b vtec with p28 ecu plz help!

    Engine Management
    hi and thanks for looking at my post, im planning on running my p28 ecu with my d15b vtec but i had just one question. Does anyone know of my compression will be that of the z6 because i will be sing its ecu? i know the d15b is 9:6:1, to me it seems like because of the difference in timing the...
  8. P08 ECU == P28 ECU or not?

    General Tech
    I need to buy an ECU for my JDM D15B Vtec. P08 seems like non-existent anymore. So is the P08 same as P28? Are there are any differences with these two units? Is there a difference with wiring? Or if I buy a P28, would I have to remap it to be a P08 or something? Am already having troubles with...