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  1. Will a Faulty ECU still produce a spark?

    Hi All, So ive been working on a Turbo build for a 1992 EG D16Z6 UKDM and ive got it all back together and trying to get it to fire up into life. It is turning over but wont start. Ive got fuel and spark. I have jumped the OBD 2 pin plug and is showing code 0. It is either ECU, MAP or Fuel...
  2. TDC sensor code 8 D16z6

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    Hi I'm from Canada I have recently bought a 93 AGP eg si, the problem is it had a seized motor and i also had a running MR 92 eg si which i was scraping because of a rotted body so i did the logical thing and swapped the motor. Now the problem is i have TDC code 8 i have also read other threads...
  3. D15B swap ECU and harness

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    Previous owner did a d swap into a 1991 honda crx si that I purchased from him. The motor is a d15B 3-stage v-tec with the stock Pm6-A09 ecu. It looked like he kept the stock engine harness too. If I get a p28 ECU, what harness should I get to run to complete the swap? the radiator fans, oxygen...
  4. D16z6 swap in ek

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    So I swapped a d16z6 engine on my 1996 civic dx and I'm having an issue. I have p28 ecu with harness conversion , y8 mani,y7 throttle body. I refined the 2 wire iacv because my old one was 3 wire and I blocked off the iacv and the y7 throttle body. I'm getting this bogging when I put my p28 ecu...
  5. D16z6 swap hesitation (Mini Cooper swap)

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    Hey guys! So I just had a full stainless exhaust with Vibrant mufflers built for my classic mini d16z6 swap. I'm running into a few issues however: 1. Major hesitation off idle 2. While motor is under load, hesitation is worse and car almost dies if too much throttle is given 3. IACV code...
  6. D16A1 boosted!! NEED HELP

    Forced Induction
    I have an 85 civic si, with d16a1 dohc motor, gsp t3t4 57trim turbo, im runing obd0, i have a p28, and a obd1 jumper for it, but i put the p28 in, and it wont even start! Please help
  7. D14A3 Civic EJ9 from Ukraine - mini me will be, now 114 p.s.

    Hi to all d-series enthusiasts. My name is Volodymyr, I live in Ukraine, selling tuning parts in my country. I`m a long time Honda fan. Now I ride on Civic EJ9 1997 year with D14A3 engine. It has 75 horse power in stock. I make some engine rebuild with PM7 pistons, put AEM intake, ebay exhaust...
  8. P28 and Arduino

    Engine Management
    I have a 94 Honda Civic DX Hatchback with a D16Z6 engine, and P28 ECU. I am trying to communcate with the ECU using an Arduino. I have pulled the ECU, soldered in a header at CN2, and cut the jumper at J12. From everything that I have read, the ECU is supposed to send and receive data over...
  9. spun y8 rod bearing

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    Hello everyone, my names Anderson and I am the proud owner of a 2000 civic si clone with a y8. I picked it up from my cousins friend because he didn't have the time to fix the rod bearing. My question is can I swap in a z6? I've heard they are more reliable than a y8. He gave me a spare tuned...
  10. 1994 dx-- I want to throw ina d16y8

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    ok so here is the deal i just picked up a a 1994 civic dx bone stock 5spd for 400. Only problem is that the rod bearings are shot. My question is Could i throw in a full y8 (with IM and harness) and use a non chipped p28? --I know it will bolt up but what about wiring altenator plugs shock...
  11. d15 mini me (z6) turbo advice

    Forced Induction
    ok, im a noob to d-series but not to hondas. I have a d15 bock rebuilt with a z6 vtec head with a chipped p28. I have done three civic engines but never done a turbo. my idea is to get a t3 or t4 turbo kit. now I know the d15 rods are like pencils but would I be ok to run 7lbs of boost if...
  12. obdo to obd1or2 z6 minime

    Engine Building
    My 91 civic has a d16z6 head on a d15b2 block. It was like this when i got it. instead of converting to the obd1 they ran the vtec through a msd ignition switch and kept the obdo harness. The only distributor that would work came out of a ls integra it had to be modified to bolt up, looks like...
  13. p28 giving me hell!

    Engine Management
    p28 tuned in crome, check engine light comes on but cant pull the code. motor idle surges like the IACV isnt working. 1-1.5k rpms. new IACV, new wires and pins from ECU to IACV. back probed at IACV 4.9v with check engine light on. one time i got the bright idea to pull the hell over and pop the...
  14. D15b vtec e with p28 ecu

    Engine Management
    Just bought my first honda a 1990hatch and it came with a jdm d15b vtec e that is being run by a p28 ecu. Ecu is stock and creating some problems. Idle surges when motor warms up and is out of closed loop. Runs rich. Vtec hits at 5k. Due to ecu and pulls hard. I can bury tach which ends at 8k. I...
  15. Chipping or ecu swap

    Engine Management
    i have a p28 currently in my ecu and my brother has the identical car that he bought with a p28 ecu that has been chipped/hacked open. His ecu has higher rev limiting and basically no need for the second oxygen sensor. some people say i couldn't be done but his was bought that way. My question...
  16. Engine management for my Honda Civic D16Z6 High Compression

    Engine Management
    Hello all, I'm a young car enthusiast with a Japanese project is finalized. I lives in Martinique (French overseas departments) and I have a Honda Civic D16Z6 swap EJ2 High compression. Part Management (Chip P28 Hondata S300) blocked me a little can and that is why, as a member with them...
  17. p28 d15b vtec basemap+map sensor

    Engine Management
    89 crx + jdm d15b vtec obd1 conversion i bought a chipped p28 ecu and eprom burner im trying to use crome to calibrate an omni power 4 bar map sensor motor starts with or with out chip and runs very rich i have tryed programing the map sensor in boost tools custom i get the correct voltage at...
  18. Chipped / Socketed / Converted VTEC ECU Sale!!!

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    all ecus sold!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Chipped VTEC ECUs

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  20. D16y8 swap into hf crx. need help.

    Engine Building
    Hi everyone, been lurking for a while and decided to post my swap. I have an 89 hf crx, and the donor motor is coming from a 98 civic ex coupe automatic. So far I've removed the old motor, and am preparing the new motor to be dropped in and wired up. Question: is there any way to keep the new...