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p28 ecu help
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  1. Engine Management
    recently I had some starting issues in the morning ,my fuel pump took a long time before it could prime, changed my main relay ,still same thing. Traced it all the way to the ecu ,many capacitors were leaking and transistor Q3 (2SD1779) was fried .I changed all the caps but couldn't find Q3 in...
  2. Engine Management
    So im new to the honda world; I picked up a 94 civic with a d16z6 in it and i dont trust the previous owner because he took alot of short cuts. SO what my problem is; My p06 (manual chipped and socketed ecu) is working ok but the car is stupid slow and i picked up a p28 (auto, Didnt know at the...
1-2 of 3 Results