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  1. D16Y5 questions. I will not give up.

    Engine Management
    Hello I have done a ton of research but not enough to really answer one burning question of mine. I hope I get my answer but maybe this will just be one more thread about "swap out the y5 for a y8" etc. I am very familiar with VTEC-E, lean-burn, etc. I m hoping people of great...
  2. Sohc zc non vtec turbo first timer

    Forced Induction
    This is my first time ever turboing any car. I have done countless research and I finally have a some what better understanding about turbos but I have many more questions just like everyone else. Luckily I found a 16g evo III turbo charger for a really good deal(pretty much some other guys...
  3. Sohc ZC questions!!!

    New Member Introductions
    i dont know whats what on my car! my block is stamped zc, my head is stamped pm3-4 and my intake mani is stamped P06 as well as my ecu. if anyone could tell me what the [email protected] all this is it would be greatly appreciated. i would also like to know what im going to need to run vtec, right now there...
  4. OBD1 real time programming

    Engine Management
    Hi. I want to set up my P06 ECU in the real-time mode. To do this, I'm going to chipping it and soldered PGMFI RTP board. But I read on some forum that it will not allow to be configured online. In addition, you will need to turn off the engine, which would apply the changes. Tell me please, is...
  5. Chipped VTEC ECUs

    For Sale
  6. Chipped / Socketed ECU Sale P72 P30 P28 P06 Vtec

    For Sale
    I've got eight ECU's here that have been chipped and socketed and are ready to be tuned. All ECU's come socketed and include a reflashable chip and a datalogging connector installed for use with a HULOG/Extreme HULOG They come with standard basemaps or I can provide custom basemaps...