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  1. General Tech
    So my car had a surging issue. It would surge at idle, i took off my IACV and FIAV and cleaned them, along with cleaning my intake and Throttle body. after the first cleaning the problem was still there. I went through them all again. Now my idle is perfect. But when i step on the gas just...
  2. General Tech
    i have to go for my emission test rather soon. so i went to auto zone to check my mil light that came up a while back got a code for nonfunctional oxygen sensor heater circuit/sensor. 1997 civic ex d16y8 5mt P2P (ecu, obd2a) wanted to see if anyone has pinouts for p2p ecu. everything i found so...
  3. Engine Management
    Its posible Wideband to Narrowband (1-wire OBD0)? with AEM uego 0-5v?? Hello!! My ecu have O2 sensor because its catalyzed, but only one wire (i think 0-1v) I can convert 4-5 wire wideband to 1 wire narrowband signal? thanks!!
1-3 of 3 Results