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  1. General Tech
    Hi guys, I had a couple of oil leaks (main seal and oil pan) and a worn-out clutch. And I needed to change my belts so I removed the engine from the car, put it in the engine stand replaced the oil pump seal and rear main seal, replaced oil pan and valve cover gasket. Did the timing, replaced...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi I have a 95 Hatch with d16z6 engine and I cant seem to figure out where this oil leak is coming from exactly. Here's a link to a video to help out with the whereabouts of
  3. General Tech
    I have done some researching, and i cant find anything about this leak so i joined here, i have repaired every leak on the engine trans but this, ive already replaced valve cover gskt, dizzy o ring, and clean and after inspecting i have one last leak and it baffles me, it is the top front bolt...
  4. Engine Building
    Leak from the distributor but I believed NOT to be the distributor oil ring. Ok guys I started taking things apart to change my head gasket since I thought the oil was because of a head gasket since the leak seems to be coming from the left front corner of my cylinder head. At first I didn't...
  5. General Tech
    OK well ive been tracking down an oil leak that i had ever since i got the car. First it was the oil pan right by the transmission. Got me thinking it was the rear main seal. It wasnt it was just the pan gasket. So fixed that and cleaned everything up. Now i got an oil leak by the crank pulley...
  6. Engine Management
    so im replacing the head cylinder off my d16z6 to a rebuilded d16y7 head but when i ran it the side that the timing was on started leaking mad what im asking is what do you guys think could be causing this? PLEASE HELP ME CAUSE IF I CAN FIX HER THEN I HAVE TO SALE HER!!!!!
  7. General Tech
    hey guys. i have an oil leaking problem. when i bought my car it had a pretty bad oil leak. i replaced the vtec solenoid gaskets, the valve cover gasket, and the distributor o-ring and it still seems to be leaking a little oil. the only other thing i can think of is the cam seal. the oil seems...
  8. General Tech
    hey im new to d-series. when i bought my 93 civic i noticed a slight oil leak coming from the top end. i replaced my vc gasket and distributor o-ring but it still seems to be leaking. i think its the vtec solenoid. can they even leak oil? if so, is this a common thing? thanks for all your alls help.
1-8 of 8 Results