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oil cooler

  1. MFactory Oil Cooler Kits now available again!

    Whoopee Doo Racing
    -High-efficiency 19-Row design outperforms similarly priced coolers on the market -Incorporates a filter relocation kit, permitting the filter to be placed in a location of your choice -Stainless-braided hoses with -10AN couplings to ensure the hoses are reliably secured -2 x 1/8 NPT sensor...
  2. My new oil cooler/remote filter setup - ducted setrab 125, canton fiter/thermostat

    Forced Induction
    I've spent the last few weekends planning and building an oil cooler setup. Since the car is used on the street and for AutoX with some HPDE events planned, I wanted something with good oil flow (since I'm using a Y8 block and need all the flow I can get!), good air flow (no space up front due...