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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, I'm an original owner of a 1999 Honda Civic Si (Canadian Version - EX in the US). It has a D16Y8 engine, and I've put on over 400,000 kilometers on it. I'm starting a full restoration with some enhancements, and try to make it as close to showroom condition again. My car is about...
  2. Suspension Corner
    Hello guys, Long time don't see. One of my rear shocks is really bad and I'm planning on replacing both of them. What is a good option to consider. Don't want to buy OEM from the dealer, but don't want to buy any crap on the net. A friend of mine tald me to get either FSR or Monroe strut...
  3. General Tech
    So I've had this D16Y7 motor for like 3 years now and I got it from a bone stock 4-door civic lx that was in my local junkyard. It drives fine and never gives me problems but I pulled the motor recently and decided to service the water pump & timing belt while it was out. So I'm used to...
  4. Wheels and Tire zone
    I need 15" oem wheels, but it's a weird thing to google and I can only come up with hub caps or too new of wheels on ebay. Surely they made 4x100 15" wheels? I just need the model of the cars so I can search for them on craigslist and such. edit: Not steelies either preferably.
  5. Audio/Electronics
    Here's the thing, I got some free ej1 tweeters to install in my eg8 sedan. What would be the best location acoustically wise? Pics: This: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting or: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting Yes, I know these aren't great but I'm not buying new ones...
  6. Naturally Aspirated
    To be perfectly clear, I prefer to listen to my music instead of my exhaust. I had mistakenly thought a vibrant muffler coupled with some resonators would have a low quiet tone, but basically I paid four hundred dollars in parts and labor that left me with the same decibel level and a different...
1-6 of 7 Results