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  1. OBX LSD

    Product Reviews
    Absolute piece of $#!%! Lifetime warranty my @$$! Didn't handle a stock d16y8! Less than 1000mi and look what happened! They still try to sell this crap on ebay. Crap material, worst machinery! Absolute no support. Be aware!
  2. Where to buy LSD Gears?

    Transmission alley
    Hi Fellas, my OBX LSD9200 blew. But only one gear got toasted. Anyone know where can I get another? Or even better, manufacture a new from the one intact? They are mirror view gears. Some pictures to help my bad english. Thanks Mates.
  3. MFactory LSD Review

    Transmission alley
    So here is my little review of the MFactory D Series (40mm) LSD. This is the prototype unit that I inspected and am currently running in my 96 hatchback. Trans is a EX D16Z6 trans I rebuilt a couple months ago as a backup and decided to use for the testing. Appearance of the diff is great, no...
  4. Wicked Tuning Camber and Toe adjustment kits

    Product Reviews
    so here is a pic of the camber and toe adjustment kits in their boxes: ok so here's the deal. the camber kit on ebay goes for $90 including shipping. the toe kit goes for $70 including shipping. Now for the camber kit. i like this kit. pricewise it is a great alternative to the obx at a...