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  1. Engine Management
    Hello everyone! I am currently planning ahead (getting parts together) for a power upgrade on my D14A4 this summer. Having done some research, I understood that with a few mods to the intake and exhaust, decent power gains can be made but to maximize those I read about the need for an actual...
  2. General Tech
    Hello Honda owners..... I have a question, and I think here is the place where you can help me....I have a 85 CRX Si, which came with a EW3 MPFI engine OBD-0- and I'm changing the engine for D15B VTEC OBD2a. I have all the engine harness OBD2a with the ecu. and I have the whole interior harness...
  3. DIY Forum
    i have a 2000 civic vp d16y7 automatic i blew a rod threw the oil pan so i decided to buy a parts car the car i bouhght is a 98 d16y8 manual i have done the swap already (motor and tranny) and now the car woulnt start.... i used the harness from the 98 d16y8 and ( left it on the motor during...
  4. General Tech
    i have to go for my emission test rather soon. so i went to auto zone to check my mil light that came up a while back got a code for nonfunctional oxygen sensor heater circuit/sensor. 1997 civic ex d16y8 5mt P2P (ecu, obd2a) wanted to see if anyone has pinouts for p2p ecu. everything i found so...
  5. New Member Introductions
    So my 96 Del Sol SI with D16Y8 engine should have the P2P ECU. Then I noticed the label and it says P28. Getting curious, I took the cover off and saw this. This looks like a P2P ECU. But then I saw the marked area and it looks like a Integra ECU. Can anybody confirm what ECU I have? Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results