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  1. [SOLD] Engine harness with OBD1 ecu plugs

    For Sale
    This harness was made to assume you have a 1996-98 civic chassis, and wanted to run a d16Y8 manual with an OBD1 ecu This harness was made by 2jzdreamin, here on the forums, 4-5 years ago for me. This comes with replaced plugs, wrapped wiring, a charge harness, and even tucks the driver side...
  2. 3rd Gen Dohc ZC Dizzy

    Which distributor would I use for a 3rd gen dohc zc that's been converted to OBD1? I know there's the TD43-u. But every one that's selling says it's for the second gen. And I went through two of them already from brand new. Any Suggestions?
  3. d15b2 swap to b7

    Engine Building
    So, I am in the middle of building my DD EF sedan, and I'm doing a mpfi and obd1 swap to open up more upgrade routes for further down the road. At the moment I need to figure out the injector wiring. I have a obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper harness, P06 ecu, b7 intake mani and a td41u dizzy. Ive...
  4. Voltage Back Up Learned Behaviors

    Engine Management
    Hello, What additional information does the ECU (OBD1) learn and store using the Voltage Back Up? Plug D1, gets 12V from under hood fusebox via C131 Does anyone know where to find more information? I have heard for "Emissions" but not much more. Thanks
  5. WTB> OBD1 B18B Dizzy

    Want to Buy
    Title says it all. Need a good working distributor for my OBD1 B18B shipped to: L3V 2R4 Canada
  6. 1994 dx-- I want to throw ina d16y8

    Naturally Aspirated
    ok so here is the deal i just picked up a a 1994 civic dx bone stock 5spd for 400. Only problem is that the rod bearings are shot. My question is Could i throw in a full y8 (with IM and harness) and use a non chipped p28? --I know it will bolt up but what about wiring altenator plugs shock...
  7. stupid dizzy question. 93dx.

    Naturally Aspirated
    My dd is having problems. I was moving it from my driveway to garage after doing and intake IM gasket. when moving the car it the plug wire for cylinder no.1 came off and it ran like this for about 15 seconds. now my car will not start. (its D15b7 with minor mods, z6 IM, header, a6 cam) --The...
  8. 94 Civic DX w OBD2 D16Y7 Swap

    General Tech
    I recently bought a 94 Civic DX for my wife. The guy I got it from lied to me big time about several things. I knew it had a D16 swap but didnt know till I picked the car up that the engine was out of a 97 Civic. I am having major issues. Problems: Check Engine light is on Idles at 1500rpm and...
  9. dizzy question

    Naturally Aspirated
    my 93 civic is running a mini me set up, my distributor has been acting funny every few days i gotta mess with it to make it start. i have 2 d15b7 dizzys in my Garage i know they are the same obd but will the b7 one work??
  10. 91 drx dx dpfi to 0bd1 problems

    General Tech
    So i have a 91 crx dx that did have a d15b2 in it but i pulled blown motor and installed a d16z6 block with intake manifold from a 92-95 ex. i have full engine harness and p28 from the ex. I also have dpfi to obd1 ecu jumper harness and there is a few plugs and two extra wires running on this...
  11. OBD1 real time programming

    Engine Management
    Hi. I want to set up my P06 ECU in the real-time mode. To do this, I'm going to chipping it and soldered PGMFI RTP board. But I read on some forum that it will not allow to be configured online. In addition, you will need to turn off the engine, which would apply the changes. Tell me please, is...
  12. Mini Me Questions Need Help!

    Engine Building
    Ok i have an 89 crx si, and started a mini me swap. I used the original d16 block and removed the oil jet, and put a y8 head on it. The Dizzy, injectors and IM are all from the A6. I have the pm6 and pr4 ecu. And i know the vtec wont wire in. My Questions are: Will it run with this set up...
  13. 96 hatch obd1 conversion please help

    New Member Introductions
    ok i dont know where to go i heard of this fourm and how helpful it is well i heard that i can do a obd1 converstion on my 96 ek hatch well the problem im having is what computer do i need and whats it called lol and what all do i need and whats the best tune yes i have a d16y7 i havnt messed...
  14. D15B7 with D16Z6 head?

    Engine Building
    Just like the title says, is it possible to slap a d16z6 head on a d15b7 block? All I want out of this mini swap is vtec and I have a d16z6 head with skunk 2 pro intake mani. My main concern, WILL THIS WORK? I don't want to buy anything to build this head up yet if I don't know if it will even...
  15. ECU Code 9

    Hi, I'm new to this website and just looking for some answers for my OBD0 to OBD1 conversion I just did. Before I converted the car over to OBD1, the car ran perfect. But now, since I converted it over, I am getting ecu code 9, which is for the crank position sensor. I bought the distributor...
  16. ZERG obd0 - obd1 conversion harness

    Engine Management
    when reading these directions i found that it doesnt say anything about how to go from dual point to multi point injection are these harness not set up for 4 injectors?
  17. Distributor problems

    New Member Introductions
    i have a d15b2 and i was going to do a mini me swap but somethings happened and i wasnt able to do it. now i kept the mpfi on there and i have an obd0 to obd1 conversion harness on my d15 but i dont know what distributor to put on because i cant put the stock one because its obd0. i tried a...
  18. d16z6 ED/EF, new motor not starting

    General Tech
    Ive swapped in a D16z6 into a 91 dx. Im getting spark to the wires, and the plugs are out of the box(gaped of course), Ive replaced the fuel filter and injectors, Im getting fuel to the rail and through the system, I can smell fuel out of the exhaust. I rebuilt the motor prior to putting it...
  19. OBD2 to OBD1 legality...

    Engine Management
    K so im curious what I have to do hear. Im currently working on a turbo project. Rebuilding top to bottom my y7 in my 96 DX and puttin a turbo on it. Well it doesnt seem practical to buy a stand alone due to money. but obviously its extremely easy to convert to obd1 ecu. The problem I have is...