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  1. Audio/Electronics
    i have A 88 civic rt4wd and i converted it to obd1 and i can drive it its fine for little bit like couple gears then jumps into limp mode. flashes 4 (crank sensor) and i have wired crank and cylingder sensors straight to ecu. also switched out dizzys same problem any ideas what it could be?
  2. New Member Introductions
    im doing a coversion on my 91 civic si from obd0 to obd1. i need a p28 pinot diagram. i need to hook up the ytec and the 4 wire o2. i have everything just not sure where the wires for both of those items come out of the ecu. please help me. i have found some diagrams but they are all for integra...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Ok I got a 91 civic hatch converted 2 mpfi and throwing a d16z6 in it ok so my question is if I go 2 and buy the obd0 subharness just pin the wires and thats it?it says is for b16 and not for the dx model thats the model I have will it work?!..i already have ecu jumperss and dizzy...
  4. General Tech
    So i put my old b18a1 out of my 91 integra rs into my 94 si coupe.I am using the civic wiring harness, a 94 integra p75 ecu, 94 integra dizzy and all my obd0 sensors other then the o2. i did a lot of reading on this but cant seem to find the answers i need to finish it up. I want to use my old...
1-4 of 4 Results