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o2 sensor

  1. Z6 Sedan won't start

    General Tech
    So I have a D16Z6 swapped 1991 EF Sedan LX. I just did a full rebuild on it including a new distributor, plugs, wires, gaskets, bearings, etc.. My problem is now that it wont start. The starter engages, cranks the engine, but its like there's no compression. It cranks and "poofs" like the sound...
  2. d16y7 aftermarket exhaust, o2 sensor question!!!

    Engine Building
    My exhaust has rusted through and fell to the ground for the 2nd time in a few months in 2 different spots, and upon research I found that many 96-00 exhaust manifolds crack:bs:, therefore I am buying an aftermarket header and exhaust system for my 2000 civic HX to fix my current and any future...
  3. here we go again...

    Engine Building
    as the title says, my civics giving me problems. Again. and yes, I've already done mass amounts of research, checked my pcv valve and any fuel lines for clogging but I have yet to come across ANYTHING that will help me out with this problem. To describe it a general way my car has lost almost...
  4. d15z1 swap wiring issues

    Naturally Aspirated
    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, its been a while since I've been here, so mods feel free to move it where it should go. The problem I have with this is I'm using a VX engine harness in a 93 EX. As some of you might know VX has one extra plug at the passenger...
  5. 2 questions: Map and ECU

    Engine Management
    1: What voltage should a 4bar map sensor output be reading??? 2: Does anyone know the ECU board diagram??? I'm getting a CEL for o2 on my chipped ECU, so I wanna check the board to see if my o2 stuff is alright in there.
  6. Wideband on OBD-0??? is posible? or need external gauge

    Engine Management
    Hello! I'm looking for put Wideband o2 sensor (5Wire) on OBD-0 (1 Wire), it can be done?? Or i must put a A/F gauge connected only to new Wideband 02?? I have Chipped OBD-0 with dataloggin interface. Thanks!!
  7. o2 Bung Plug

    General Tech
    Does anyone know the spec & thread pitch of a o2 Bung Plug. I'm asking because i bought a "Hi-Flo" Cat for my car but the Plug wasnt included, as i bought it at a cheap street price. Thanks in advance for your help guys. ~E.J./E-Jeezy