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not starting

  1. injectors not spraying after headgasket replacement

    Engine Management
    hey guys i dont know if this is the right forum but i need help, my project/daily driver doesnt start after i did a head gasket replacement. car is a 91 honda concerto with a mini me swap( jdm vtec d15b head). car is still obd0. i hooked up all connectors and grounds and car would crank but no...
  2. Motor not starting

    Naturally Aspirated
    ok so i just got done rebuilding my d15b7 about a week ago and then took it on a trip to AL (about 600mi round trip) to rack up some mileage for the break in period (btw how long is the break in period and how low do i need to keep the rpm's?) anyway i came back the day before yesterday and then...