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  1. nawz!!!!

    Forced Induction
    Im thinking of getting a nos/sniper kit for my d16z6 project, I am thinking of just doing a 50 shot(or a 75 shot if you guys approve the pistons I listed). these are the pistons i'm thinking of using pdn-a00 gx, pm6's, or or pg6's. I know these are just oem cast pistons but i want an all...

    Engine Management
    Can anybody help me I need a basemap for a stock jdm d15b vtec on a 50 wet shot I'm using crome any type of help will be greatly appreciated
  3. tuning for nos help!!!

    Engine Management
    new to tuning and can somebody provide me with information on how to tune on nos i have a stock jdm d15b trying to tune on 50 shot
  4. nos direct port part's

    For Sale
    nos direct port kit - bottle and brackets SOLD thanks guys op can close and delete this thread
  5. Round 2 to with pics

    Forced Induction
    1st thanks crxlifer21 for showing me the ways=) If your looking at this also read this articale it will help you out --->>> my setup minus switches n wiring my nozzle soleniods thanks you all the help from the...
  6. All motor or turbo with juice

    Engine Building
    ok im just curious wat u guys out there wuld reccomend for a build i know there is ups and downs for both but id like to kno wat u all think ?