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    Hybrid non vtec build. D15b2 block, complete d16a6 top end, adjustable cam gear, full stainless exhaust 2.25in, complete rebuild, dpfi to mpfi conversion, complete wire tuck, all new accessories belts and bearings. Economy but with a bit of attitude.
  2. New to the Honda scene, help me an my dx coupe

    New Member Introductions
    So, hello fellow D series brothers. I my self do not own a Honda, but plan to soon acquire a 1994 Honda Civic Dx Coupe. It has the D15B7 power plant, it belongs to a family member of mine that I've been co-arsing into letting me take it off their hands, she's pretty beat up, last time she was...
  3. Sohc zc non vtec turbo first timer

    Forced Induction
    This is my first time ever turboing any car. I have done countless research and I finally have a some what better understanding about turbos but I have many more questions just like everyone else. Luckily I found a 16g evo III turbo charger for a really good deal(pretty much some other guys...
  4. civic dx help

    General Tech
    I am wanting to do an Interior mods on my 95 civic it has tan interior and I would like to keep the factory color any ideas I do know I want to have race seats but after that Idk what all I can do to it any ideas
  5. SOHC ZC

    New Member Introductions
    I figured I'd start this thread since there was a DOHC ZC thread, and I noticed people asking about a SOHC ZC thread on the dohc thread. If there is already a SOHC ZC thread please delete this thread administrators; If not i'll edit out this sentence later. SOHC ZC thread: Post/discuss your...
  6. hey fellow d-series people (building motor)

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys how is everyone? i just wanna say whats up and ask some questions. i am new to this forum and have been reading and there is a lot of great information on here. i am currently getting my civic ready for the road again and wanted some non judgement mental advice. i have a 97 ej6 sedan i...
  7. d15 with a6/zc/y8 oem factory upgrades

    New Member Introductions
    have a d15b7..some ideas -a6 or zc cam and regrind -adjustable cam gear -z6 or y8 or skunk2 intake manifold (b16 throttle body bolts on to this, is that true?) -bbk throttle body 62mm or 70mm -z6 intake and exhaust valves -a6 valve springs -y8 head gasket for a little bump up in compression...
  8. d15b7 tune

    Engine Management
    Hey all, i just bought a 93 hatch with a d15b7 this is what i got Specs: D15b7 p29 high compression pistons shaved/ hot tanked rebuilt head new seals/gaskets new head gasket the guy was going all motor high comp, and he said it needs a fine tune, but it runs really good. i was wondering if i...
  9. Increase rev limit on d15b1 non vtec

    Engine Management
    Hi I own a '91 honda crx dual carb, sadly it is non vtec but I was wondering if there was any way to increase the rev band in each gear. At the moment im forced to shift at around 4500 at i dont want to damage the engine either..I knw i cnt expect much frm a non vtec but until i get a...