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  1. d15 non vtec turbo help

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    I am trying to plan a project for my 95 civic i want to put a turbo on it but im new to the Honda stuff any ideas
  2. Sohc zc on the way

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    post deleted.
  3. Sohc zc non-vtec into an eg. a few qs.

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    hey all. i have the opportunity to get a sohc zc non-vtec and an si tranny for really, really cheap. i figure i shouldn't pass on this opportunity but I have a few questions about this swap. first up, my car. nothing-special eg d15b7 with i/h/e stock dx tranny now that that's out of the way...
  4. Potential Y7 build

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    ok, so. been doing some lurkin and thinking, and came up with a highly possible build. this would be an n/a non-vtec, and consists of a d16y7 block, a rebuilt y7 head with a stage 1- possibly stage 2- camshaft regrind. d16a6 pistons (pg6? not sure), or perhaps d16a1 pistons (p29's). i think...