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  1. High compression jdm d15b vtec

    Engine Building
    Is this a good build and will it be reliable Gx pistons Arp head studs & rod bolts Ported head 340cc injectors 255 walbro 100 wet shot
  2. D16y8 cam for sale.

    Naturally Aspirated
  3. nos direct port part's

    For Sale
    nos direct port kit - bottle and brackets SOLD thanks guys op can close and delete this thread
  4. nitrous on 2000 si opinions

    Forced Induction
    alright so ill start with some minaor backround. ive had my civic si 2 years now its a canadian model so it came with the d16y8 with auto tranny. over the past two years i ahve been contmplating which route to go to give me more power namely for passing on the highway and the occasional spurt in...
  5. Round 2 to with pics

    Forced Induction
    1st thanks crxlifer21 for showing me the ways=) If your looking at this also read this articale it will help you out --->>> my setup minus switches n wiring my nozzle soleniods thanks you all the help from the...